The JetMax product line is designed to deliver a truly affordable “High Fidelity” simulation. Our number one goal is getting true Flight Sim Enthusiasts “Off the Desk” and deeply immersed in their simulation.

No more clicking on a single screen… You are IN the simulation with JetMax!

The JetMax-777-SKTQ is comprised of the Structural elements as seen, Mode Control Panel, EFIS and DSP Panels, PnP Interface, LCD Monitors with Customer support stands.

You can trust the JetMax attention to detail which shows in all the elements and the product is backed with the FDS name and 15 year history of delivering great simulation products.

Read on for detailed features and please do review the FAQ page for common questions and information.

$8,995.95  CAD     Convert:  USD  GBP
Questions? View the FAQ The JetMax-777SKTQ is comprised of the following features:
  • All Aluminium Design
  • Industrial Powder Coated Finish
  • Accurate Colour and Representation
  • Scale Sizing Throughout
  • USB Plug and Play Design
  • PC Board Connections Throughout (No large wiring harness!)
  • Includes PFD/ND LCD
  • Includes Upper EICAS LCD
  • Includes Lower EICAS LCD
  • Custom SYS Board with USB PnP Design
  • Heavy Construction Landing Gear Handle
  • EM1 Series CAUTION/WARN Switches
  • LED Drop Lighting throughout
  • Auto Setup Utility with Sim-Avionics Software (Available Separately on the JetMax Product Page)
  • 110/220v Power Supply Included
  • Ships in “Kit Form” with Excellent Step by Step Assembly Instructions
  • Option for Fully assembled SKTQs if required (Please email us for details!)

MCP/EFIS and DSP Features include:

  • Full Scale Design
  • Excellent Tactile Feel Push Switches with Dual Backlight
  • Amber 7-Segment LEDs
  • Metal Powder Coated Knobs
  • Metal Powder Coated Case
  • Universal Power Supply (110/220v) Included
  • Compatible with Sim-Avionics, PMDG777 and Project Magenta

JetMax-777 Throttle Quadrant Features include:

  • Full Scale Design
  • Accurate Body and Lever shapes
  • USB PnP design
  • Metal Componentry
  • Laser Cut Aluminium cover plate
  • Accurate Throttle Stand design with functional Parking Brake
  • Powder Coated Finish

Please see the FAQ page for detailed configuration, computer and software questions!

Lead time is 5-6 weeks
Freight must be quoted on an individual basis (not automated at time of order!)
Shipments begin October 20, 2014