The JetMax 737 Throttle unit is designed to bring our customers a highly realistic looking device that covers all the basic requirements needed!


No “Hand Formed” components in this piece as all the parts are Injection Moulded or laser cut metal. A one piece housing allowed us to keep. Everything to scale!

Features Include:

  • USB Plug and Play (No Drivers Required!)
  • Functional Twin Thrust Levers
  • Reverse Thrust Handles
  • TOGA Switches
  • A/T Disconnect Switches
  • Flap Handle
  • Speed Brake Handle
  • Fuel Cut-off Devices
  • Parking Brake Lever and Light
  • Realistic Representation Trim Wheels

The JetMax 737 Throttle unit is the perfect match for the SSTD, Desktop use or in your full scale project. The JetMax 737TQ arrives fully assembled and requires no custom drivers. An optional TQ Stand is available for TQ users not planning to use one of our “K” or “SK” units. Please see the following page for more information: JetMax-737TQ-STD

Please Note:
JetMax TQ lead time is approx 2-3 weeks. To confirm actual delivery times please email via the contact us page.

The 737TQ is not a “motorized” device. All efforts were focused on affordability. Trim Control is achieved via your Yoke setup and EICAS display.

The JetMax product is not designed for commercial use. Any such use would void any warranties stated or implied.